The Sweet Spot Between Progress and Sustainability

Research shows most people who set out to lose weight are successful initially. But 80% of people regain the weight they lost after 5 years. Why is that?

While it depends on the individual, it generally comes down to the fundamental issue of imbalance between speed of progress and sustainability of the lifestyle and actions required to progress.

The truth is that you need both to see long-term success. 

Progress is only valuable if you can sustain it. And sustainable activity is only valuable if it generates progress or at least maintains a status quo we can be happy with.

Go too hard, and you risk burning out. Go too light, and you never get off the ground.

So how do we achieve both? Introducing the "RBLD" Methodology (see below)


Reflect on what you truly want in your fitness journey: 1) Your outcome, 2) Your due date, and 3) The lifestyle you're willing to live throughout.

Be honest with yourself - "Do I really want a six pack, or do I just want a flat stomach?" "Do I really need to look like a fitness model, or would I be happy with losing 20 lbs and keeping it off?"

It's OK to dream big, but what checkpoint goals along the way will you be happy with achieving?


Build a plan that aligns with your lifestyle and goals using Teddy's "What, When, and Where" strategy.

What program, equipment and venue? Which days and times work best for me? Forcing yourself into following a program or diet that you hate might work for a month, but it's useless once your inevitably quit.

Once you have your plan, stick to it!

The same applies to establishing fulfilling and helpful dietary habits. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


Learn the fundamentals of fat loss, muscle growth, nutrition, and behavior change through our eLearning modules and beyond.

We retain information much more easily and permanently as we are doing the activities related to the information we're absorbing (i.e. exercising, dieting, and changing our thinking)

Don't make the mistake of acting without understanding. The information is simple, digestible, and practical so you can carry it with you (and perhaps even build on it) for a lifetime.

4. Do.

What is left but to execute? But there's more to it than that. 

We've compiled a large and evolving repository of evidence-based strategies to help you understand and master your immediate and long-term behavior for the better. 

Additionally, we help you navigate the natural ups and downs of any fitness journey, be it physical, mental, or emotional. 

Again, the goal is to help you find and stay in your personal Sweet Spot of Progress and Sustainability.

Teddy by window 2

Teddy Woolsey

Founder & Coach

Hi, my name is Teddy Woolsey, and I am the Founder, CEO and Coach for RBLD Fitness.

My primary functions within the company are to research, write, coach and develop our programs as well as our clients to be the best they can be.

Professional Achievements: I’ve had a bizarre, yet meaningful path to get to where I am today. As recently as 2017-2018, I was depressed (going through a break-up after 8 years), broke ($100k in debt), and out of shape. Today, I wake up each day happier than I’ve ever been, married to an amazing human being, earning over 4x my former salary, and in the best shape of my life. I’m an award-winning salesman and owner of this Fitness Coaching business that is changing the lives of my clients each and everyday. How did I get here? By following a daily routine built on balance, fun, hard work and proven methodologies...oh, and a dash of personal experience.

I believe that the best life is a life balance between progress and fun. Work too hard, and you’re likely to burnout. Work too little, and you’re dependent on external sources for your joy. Both of these strategies typically have the same outcome: Quitting and despair. Instead, I have discovered the science of consistency in fitness. I teach clients how to find the sweet spot between progress and burnout because whatever keeps them moving in the right direction is the most valuable strategy for that individual. So if that means coupling workouts, dieting, and pushing yourself with cocktails, Netflix binges and Sunday be it! After all, what is the point of feeling good about our bodies if we can’t enjoy living in them?

My wife and I live in New York City with our two dogs - Packer and Zenzi. If we’re not working or working out, we’re probably watching true crime documentaries, grabbing a drink, catching a show, or hosting friends and family for the weekend. 

Miguel CuUnjieng




Hi, my name is MIguel CuUnjieng, and I am a partner and coach within RBLD Fitness.

My primary functions within the company are to support coaching and program/resource development, and provide feedback and support to RBLD Fitness clients.

I am a lifelong environmental advocate and outdoorsman, and have always worked at the nexus of business, corporate responsibility, and environmental sustainability. I was named one of the GreenBiz Emerging Leaders in Business Sustainability in 2016, and now serve as an Associate Director for a leading global Environmental, Social, and Governance-focused asset manager and investment stewardship firm. I completed my degree in Environmental Studies and Philosophy at Santa Clara University, and my MBA from the Georgetown McDonough School of Business. Across all educational and professional accomplishments, and different phases of my life, fitness and physical activity have been cornerstones to success and have enabled me to relieve stress, cement healthy habits, and achieve peak performance and physique.

I am anti-fad workouts and crash dieting. I oppose unnecessary marketing-oriented fitness advice, and adhere to simple, proven, and factual principles. I believe in the Aristotelian concept of ‘the golden mean’, and aim to pursue a healthy balance of hard work and sincere enjoyment. Alignment with these principles is what brought me to TW Fitness, where I have the opportunity to share these concepts with others and empower this community to sift through a lot of jargon and misconceptions - all in pursuit of progress…I also happen to have made almost every mistake imaginable with regards to dieting and training, and hope to guide others away from these progress-inhibiting pitfalls.   

I am originally from Manila, Philippines, and currently my wife and I live in Manhattan with our adorable pup ‘Tiny’. Outside of work and the gym, I am an obsessive fly fisherman and fly tyer, and routinely can be found across the Long Island shores, or waist deep in mountain streams, in pursuit of the next great catch. I also love playing the ukulele, and routinely daydream of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding.